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The Ultimate Rainy Day Seattle Itinerary

by Brooke Jackson

posted on January 18, 2019

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It’s practically a given that you’ll experience some precipitation during a visit to Seattle, but the city doesn’t shut down when the weather turns wet and neither should your travel plans. This itinerary features local favorites that go best with a raincoat and boots. With a day full of taking in an outdoor museum (without the crowds), bread bowls filled with cozy clam chowder, and pints of locally-crafted beer, you may wish that the rain would never go away.

Itinerary Details

6 Places
4 Hours

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If the weather’s left you feeling a bit chilly, we’ve got you covered: start your day with a steaming hot drink at one of Seattle’s best coffee shops. Sip on a cappuccino while listening to a live broadcast of Seattle's public radio station; La Marzocco Cafe, a sleek industrial space, is tucked inside the KEXP radio station building. Or, take your toasty beverage in a to-go cup for the nine minute walk to the next stop.

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An outdoor museum might seem like an odd rainy-day attraction, but we’d argue that a visit to the Olympic Sculpture Park, the city’s largest green space, is best done under drizzle. Not only will you beat the crowds, but the moody lighting of a rainy day also amps up the drama of your surroundings. Located on the waterfront in the Belltown neighborhood, the park is home to more than 20 sculptures accessible through winding pedestrian and bicycle paths. Among the iconic works, be sure to check out Richard Sera’s Wake, a towering array of curved steel that was repurposed from a machine used to build nuclear submarines.

Walking Distance

4.10 Miles

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As headquarters to Microsoft and Amazon, it’s no wonder that Seattle boasts an electrifying tech museum. About 15 minutes away by car, The Living Computers Museum features a nostalgic arcade exhibit and still-functional vintage computer systems, dating as far back as the massive supercomputers of the ‘60s. Try your hand at coding in BASIC on an Apple IIe, then get a glimpse of the future in the modern tech section where visitors can experience robotics, VR/AR, self-driving cars, AI, and 3D printers.

Walking Distance

3.13 Miles

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Once your brain has absorbed all the facts and fun at the museum, hop in an Uber (or take the number 21 bus) and head north back towards Pike Place Market because let’s be honest, what would a trip to Seattle be without a stop at this icon? It may be a tourist destination, but it’s actually pretty cool, too. During a rainy day, Pikes Place is the best place for shopping and sampling. For lunch, head into the heart of the market to find Pike Place Chowder, a small operation with an old-school diner feel. Choose from eight varieties of award-winning chowder (we suggest the market chowder, starring the best of the day’s catch); for the perfect pairing, add on a Dungeness crab roll.

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4.57 Miles

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For a breath of fresh air, hop in an Uber and head north to the Fremont neighborhood — your next stop is about 10 minutes away. Hiding underneath the roads awaits the Fremont Troll, a mythical beast sought out by many. Protected by the overpass, the Troll remains dry even on the wettest days; if you’re brave, climb on top for a classic Seattle photo.

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A short five minute walk from where you survived the troll encounter awaits a neighborhood favorite, the Fremont Brewing Company. The taproom hosts an unpretentious atmosphere welcome to people (and animals) of all ages. Plus, the bar has a solid selection of games and even postcards to share the good vibes. Although the brewery does not serve food, it’s encouraged to bring your own. So grab takeaway, pull out a board game, pour a beer and relax — you’ve just had a perfect rainy day in Seattle.

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