13 Pizzerias Even the Most Jaded New Yorkers Love

by Dorsia

posted on March 13, 2018

If there is one thing New York City is known for it’s the pizza — and we’re pretty darn proud of it. We’re not even going to bother getting worked up over the Chicago deep-dish argument. Walk down any street and you’ll be bombarded with options, so which to choose? The NYC pizza landscape is ever changing so it’s really hard to keep up. But if you’re strapped for time during your visit, then you’ll probably want to eat only the cheesiest, most iconic, or trendiest slices the Big Apple has to offer. Get ready to put some mileage on that pizza wagon, because you’re about to travel far and wide for a taste our favorites.


Part homey digs and part tourist trap, this landmark spot has been firing up Neapolitan pizza for over 110 years. Known as "America's First Pizzeria," red-checkered tablecloths and menu items like Grandma Grace's meatballs will warm your heart

Checkout: Clam pie, Grandma Grace's meatballs, original margherita

Sottocasa - Boerum Hill

As soon as you walk through the door of this cozy spot you're greeted by a staff as authentically Italian as their pies and craft beers. In the summertime sit in their backyard patio and sip on some sangria.

Checkout: Tagliere, diavola pizza, margherita pizza


Life's simple at this cozy, always-busy Clinton Hill restaurant. The wood-fired Neapolitan-style pies are what its best known for, but if you crave something else, Emily also serves seasonal small plates, rustic pasta, and a mean burger. Some places can do it all.

Checkout: The Emily, The PXG, Emmy burger, bibb lettuce

Grimaldi's Pizza

You’ll have to wait to dine at the new location of the original Grimaldi’s in DUMBO, but the charming retro interior and chewy, blistered coal oven pizzas merit the line. The menu is straightforward: red or white pizza, plus toppings.

Checkout: Margherita pizza, calzone

Joe's Pizza - Greenwich Village

It's been the quintessential New York pizza since the 1970s. The original location of Joe's Pizza makes one of the most classic slices on the island — some even say one of the best. Pop in, make a decision and eat outside. You won't regret it.

Checkout: Plain cheese slice, grandma slice, pepperoni slice, fresh mozzarella slice

Patsy's Pizzeria

A pizza tour of NYC is not complete until you've ventured to Patsy's, one of the city's most storied pizzerias. Cooked in a screaming-hot oven, the original coal oven pizza, or "plain pie," is a taste of history and just plain good.

Checkout: Original coal oven pizza, margherita pizza.

Motorino Pizza - East Village

Motorino serves some of the best Neapolitan style pizza in the city. Their space is small, and you might have to wait for a table, but believe us, the perfectly chewy, bubbly crust alone is worth it. Plus, you can even bring your vegan friends.

Checkout: Meatballs, brussels sprout pizza, colatura di alici, cherrystone clam pizza, margherita

Di Fara Pizza

At Di Fara, you (patiently) wait in line for famed owner Domenico De Marco to make your pizza the way he's made them since 1965. But when you finally get your pizza, you instantly realize it's worth the wait. This is some of New York's best.

Checkout: Classic pie, square pie, calzone

Roberta's Pizza

The definition of Bushwick cool, Roberta's is much more than a pizza joint. There's a radio station inside. Dance parties and D&D games happen in the backyard. Graffiti graces the walls. And the menu and wine list are utterly extraordinary.

Checkout: Stracciatella, carpaccio, ribs, cheeseburger, Famous Original, Bee Sting, Li'l Stinker,

Sam's Famous Pizza

This divey pizza place has been serving hot slices and pies for over 50 years in what was first known as Italian Harlem. While there's no seating area here, the counter space along the windows offers a great spot for a quick bite on a budget.

Checkout: Regular slice, Sicilian pie, margherita pie

Speedy Romeo (Clinton Hill)

Even before its cameo on the TV show Girls, this snug corner pizzeria was a neighborhood favorite. The fact that everything, not just the creative pies, is crazy good and cooked in a wood-fired oven keeps families and locals coming back for more.

Checkout: Caesar salad, grilled octopus, Kansas City strip, cheeseburger, Saint Louie, The White Album

Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitana

You’ll want your friends with you when you head to Totonno’s in Brooklyn — the retro pizzeria serves only whole, coal-oven pies, cooked to order. Get a margherita, a white pie, and chow down while gawking at the newspaper clippings on the walls.

Checkout: Margherita pizza, pizza bianca, pizza with mushrooms and sausage

Emmy Squared

It's hip to be square at this laid-back carb lover's quadrature of the circle. Emmy's balancing act between comfy and hip and their creative, rectangular deep-dish Detroit-style pies and hearty eats strike a chord with hipsters and parents equally.

Checkout: The Emmy, Lou-Wow, Roni Supreme, Le Big Matt, spicy chicken sandwich

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