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It’s All Swell in Silver Lake

by Fernanda DeSouza

posted on December 19, 2018

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8 Places
2 Hours

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Start the morning by waiting for a table at Sqirl. Sure, it might take a little while to snag one but trust us on this—it’s well worth the wait. From the seasonal ingredients in creative combinations to the restaurant's cult-like following and a dish named after Jonathan Gold, Jessica Koslow's fame is definitely deserved. Once you’ve binged on eggs and the best toast you’ve ever had, make your way to the next two shopping destinations to walk it off.

Check out

The Famed Ricotta Toast, Kabbouleh, and sorrel pesto rice bowl.

Walking Distance

1.05 Miles

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Comic bookworms unite! If you're on the hunt for a good read, steal away to Secret Headquarters to find every kind of comic imaginable. The surprisingly swanky shop is not huge, but the selection is: everything from mainstream favorites to indie darlings is in stock. If you’re into superheroes, they’re down with that, but if graphic novels like Maus and Persepolis are more your thing, then you’re in luck too. Dig in, and dive deep into new worlds and galaxies far, far away

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All that browsing is sure to build up an appetite, especially if you end up with a couple of heavy shopping bags. Good timing to grab a bite. At the wildly popular Pine & Crane, your next stop, Chez Panisse-alum Vivian Ku is serving classic Taiwanese dishes in a fast-casual setting with a serious commitment to seasonality and some personal flare. It’s probably not going to rain (this is LA after all) but man, would that be the right time for steaming bowl of this noodle soup. The food is not only good but the space is so cute you’ll want to snag a picture for Instagram.

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Potstickers, pea shoots, beef noodle soup, mapo tofu

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0.40 Miles

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Resume the shopping spree by paying a visit to the hippest store in the ‘hood. Mohawk is the essence of cool and therefore definitely shouldn't be overlooked. From high concept designs to minimalist home decor pieces, Mohawk displays the latest trends in a gorgeous, organized layout that makes it easy to sift through and shop. Warning: you won’t want to leave.

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A mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me up is a must right now, because, well, shopping is just as exhausting as working out, right? Right. You won't find a brachiosaur at this bright and airy Silver Lake outpost owned by the creators of Cards Against Humanity—sorry kids. But humans are welcome to take advantage of the free WiFi, Four Barrel Coffee and FarmShop pastries inside this cafe boasting prehistoric-inspired decor. Grab a to-go cup to sip on your drive to the next store.

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Americano, Song Teas, Caramel brownie, ChocoVivo chocolates

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This modern, colorful spot strives to offer the coolest kids fashion, home goods and books from artisans around the world. Moms will flock to this spot for individualized products like the cutest bags for them and t-shirts for their little ones, but Yolk has something for everyone. It’s also the perfect place to snag a gift for dinner parties, birthdays, and the holidays.

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All your hard work will soon pay off. Drop off your booty at home (or in the car - let’s be real, you’re not driving that far) before driving to Mh Zh. Without signage or a website, Mh Zh is elusive; and with the quality of food it's serving—hearty, yet healthy, flavor-rich Israeli fare—you may want it to stay that way. Come with a friend, dine al fresco, and praise yourself for finding this gem. Four letters, no vowels, tons of goodness.

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The lamb ragooo, peas, hummus with pickled vegetables, grilled beet, cauliflower a la josper, and the mayocaba ful

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A neighborhood nightlife staple, this rock venue and bar is a breeding ground for soon-to-be-famous musicians and bands—what better way to end your night in Silver Lake? The venue holds themed dance nights, and if you get there early enough you can avoid being charged a cover. Dance the night away the Silver Lake way.

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