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The Ultimate Guide to LA Shopping

by Fernanda DeSouza

posted on November 08, 2017

Photo Courtesy: LCD

There is plenty to do in Los Angeles to make you feel like a local: hiking up to Griffith Observatory, grabbing a cup of coffee at Silver Lake's hip cafés, or catching a wave in Manhattan Beach. None of those your cup of tea? Try this on for size. Los Angeles has some of the most diverse fashion retailers in the country, so it's no wonder why A-list celebs are always ahead of all the best trends. While you may not be the next Kim Kardashian or George Clooney, these stores—from vintage to designer—will sure as heck help you dress like them. So go ahead, shop 'til you drop.

Photo Courtesy: adriennevisnic

This reasonably-priced, "no boys allowed" warehouse is one of LA's most popular vintage shops. A throwback mecca for those with an affinity for colorful, feminine dresses from eras past, it also boasts an impressive bridal collection.

Photo Courtesy: yoshie01

This Silver Lake boutique is the essence of cool and shouldn't be overlooked. From high concept designs to minimalist home decor pieces, Mohawk displays the latest trends in a gorgeous, organized layout that makes it easy to sift through and shop.

Photo Courtesy: rachelyarmosh

If vintage is your daily uniform, then Playclothes is your mecca. Travel through the decades as your browse through reasonably-priced period clothing, collectibles & antiques at this eclectic shop where even Hollywood professionals find inspiration.

Photo Courtesy: maxfieldla

An iconic fixture on Melrose Avenue, this boutique offers a curated selection of high-end apparel and accessories. Stop in to gape at the wacky goods and decor, or blow a wad of cash on a super-hip item that you'll cherish—and show off—forever.

Photo Courtesy: melinaharden

A thrifter's dream come true, Jet Rag offers vintage threads of eclectic styles and eras. If you choose to brave the megastore's infamous Sunday dollar sale, be prepared for battle: arrive early, stay hydrated, and hunt away!

Photo Courtesy: scoutla

Browse for women's designer and vintage finds in bright, minimalist digs at this West Hollywood boutique. This isn't your average vintage shop: prepare to spend a pretty penny on one-of-a-kind items of stellar quality and style.

Photo Courtesy: doublewindsor

Unleash your inner Carrie Bradshaw at this chic, twenty year-old designer clothing haven. Here, you'll find impeccably preserved vintage gems along with contemporary designer pieces, and maybe even spot a celebrity or two.

Photo Courtesy: joor_access

Your next Abbot Kinney shopping excursion should include a visit to this light-filled, industrial-chic boutique. Browse through racks of hand-chosen, timeless apparel and accessories by noted international and domestic designers and rising stars.

Photo Courtesy: generalquarters

Utility meets style at this slightly retro menswear shop, where you'll find a reliable selection of classic leather, denim, and plaid outdoor gear and apparel. In need of a shave? The onsite Gloss-O Barber Shop will have you trimmed up in a jiffy.

Photo Courtesy: golyester

For the true vintage lover, Golyester is a fashion wonderland with clothing, accessories and textiles. The store draws shoppers and costumers alike, and prices tend to be steep for a reason – the pieces pre-date the ’70s, and many are one of a kind.

Photo Courtesy: thewaywewore

Who said secondhand can't be fabulous? Shop from collections by some of the highest-end designers for a fraction of the cost for a vintage-inspired statement look. Prices aren't that cheap, but it's still less than most major retailers.

Photo Courtesy: fredsegal

This store's iconic logo is a close second to the Hollywood sign when it comes to recognition. Known initially for famous jeans worn by Elvis and Farrah Fawcett, this LA brand has stood the test of time by adapting without losing its character.

Photo Courtesy: shopwasteland

Wasteland is the place to score second-hand designer and lightly used consignment clothing and accessories. The grunge chic Melrose location often sees celebrities selling their castoffs. The store also selectively buys vintage, designer clothing.

Photo Courtesy: shoplcd

Lust Covet Desire, or LCD, is one of Los Angeles' coolest stores. The space itself is barely more than a white room with a few shelves and mirrors, but it's filled with outstanding stuff. Find up and coming designer duds here before anywhere else.

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