Best Silver Lake Restaurants

by Fernanda DeSouza

posted on November 08, 2017

Photo Courtesy: Sqirl

Silver Lake is so hip it hurts. From the farmer's market to the thrift shops to the indie rock scene and its storied LGBT history, this neighborhood has even been called the "Williamsburg of the West." But despite (or maybe because of) its too-cool pedigree, Silver Lake is still a great place to get your noms on. Take a gander at this guide to our favorite spots, and bring that friend who's a tattoo artist/pickle-maker/novelist.

Night + Market Song

Night + Market Song puts an approachable, hip spin on Northern Thai street food. Kick back with some friends (even vegans!), some funky hot-pot, and a bottle from their surprisingly extensive wine list for a guaranteed good time.

Checkout: Pork toro, startled pig, and crispy rice salad.


Sqirl may be the quintessential LA restaurant. From the seasonal ingredients in creative combinations to the restaurant's cult-like following and a dish named after Jonathan Gold, Jessica Koslow's fame is definitely deserved.

Checkout: The Famed Ricotta Toast, Kabbouleh, and sorrel pesto rice bowl.


At Alimento, chef Zach Pollack serves Northern Italian cuisine with an irreverent California flair in a space that makes you focus on the food. The staff wear flannel shirts and play indie music. Just this once, embrace your inner hipster.

Checkout: Chicken liver crostone, lamb belly, fusilli with clams, bagna caoda.

Pine & Crane

At the wildly popular Pine & Crane, Chez Panisse-alum Vivian Ku is serving classic Taiwanese dishes in a fast-casual setting with a serious commitment to seasonality and some personal flare. Stop by on a rainy day for a steaming bowl of noodle soup.

Checkout: Potstickers, pea shoots, beef noodle soup, mapo tofu


Bright and plant-laden, the interior at Botanica is drool-worthy. And so is the sustainable, organic Middle Eastern fare, which is both incredibly healthy and satisfying. Grab a seat on the patio and enjoy the feel-good nature of it all.

Checkout: The strawberry grain bowl, Turkish eggs, fattoush-y salad, cast-iron pimenton clams, grilled lamb kabobs, and the seared Japanese sweet potatoes

Same Same Thai

When the Same Same proprietors came upon what was Rambutan Thai, they couldn't help but keep the menu. Instead of an entire revamp, they curated the wine and beer list, extended the bar, and cranked the tunes. The result? A killer neighborhood spot.

Checkout: Fried mussel pancake, crispy rice pork salad, coconut curry noodle, jade noodle with BBQ pork, chicken larb

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner

Though its modern interior is begging for a magazine feature, the real star at Daw Yee is the food. If you haven't tried Burmese cuisine, which has Thai and Indian influences, you're in for a treat. Think noodles and stews. And a culinary adventure.

Checkout: The platha, laphet thoke, ohnoh noodles, Kachin-style salmon belly, tapioca cake

Fat Dragon

Fat Dragon is the fast-casual Chinese restaurant that Silver Lake was waiting for. Despite its trendy location, this spot serves faithful interpretations of classic dishes - from moo goo gai pan to mapo tofu - with a dash of modern American flair.

Checkout: Wontons, eggplant, mapo tofu, Dragon fried rice

Trois Familia

French-Mexican brunch may not have existed before Trois Familia. But this incongruous combination makes for an exquisite, affordable restaurant. Start planning now, 'cause from the horchata to the galette, you're going to want to visit.

Checkout: Chili hash-brown chilaquiles, double decker potato tacos, churro French toast

Mh Zh

Without signage or a website, Mh Zh is elusive; and with the quality of food it's serving—hearty, yet healthy, flavor-rich Israeli fare—you may want it to stay that way. Come with a friend, dine al fresco, and praise yourself for finding this gem.

Checkout: The lamb ragooo, peas, hummus with pickled vegetables, grilled beet, cauliflower a la josper, and the mayocaba ful

Cliff's Edge

Noted as a Wine Enthusiast US Best 100 Wine Restaurants, this spot has a solid libations menu featuring wine, beer and cocktails made with fresh syrup. Sit under an ancient tree and curl up against colorful pillows in the hidden back patio.

Checkout: Dry-aged Ribeye Steak Diane, oysters, Nutella pudding


Healthy, seasonal California fare is what's on the menu at Forage, a farm-to-table spot where the food is upscale, but served cafeteria-style. Order a plate at the counter, which includes a protein and sides and soak in that hip Silverlake vibe.

Checkout: Hanger steak with chimichurri, Korean brisket bowl, salmon belly tacos, dirty rice with ground pork, mac n’ cheese

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