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12 Shops to Check Out in Washington D.C.

by Fernanda DeSouza

posted on November 17, 2017

Photo Courtesy: Salt & Sundry

Beyond the thick political cloud that hovers above Washington D.C., one thing that will always win bipartisan support is the shopping. In this guide, we've gathered not only the best clothing stores in and around the nation's capital but also boutiques and home goods shops that are making a name for themselves. So no matter who you are— Congresswoman or average citizen— D.C.'s unique collection of fashion and interior design options are bound to satisfy anyone's taste.

Photo Courtesy: saltandsundry

You surely don't need everything this sun-flooded lifestyle store offers but if you like to surround yourself with pretty things you might still want most of it. Here you can find the stuff to beautify your home - from table runners to flower pots.

Photo Courtesy: goodwooddc

Goodwood sells 19th century to mid-modern antiques, furniture and women's clothing in a spot that feels like a flea market with a bohemian twist. The owners regularly visit auctions for new products, bringing in timeless, unique finds.

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This trendy spot sells fun, flirty clothing and accessories in a minimalist setting. Head here for that perfect work-to-weekend outfit or the romper you never knew you needed. With affordable prices to boot, Violet Boutique is a shopping staple.

Photo Courtesy: current_boutique

Sure, you can score all kinds of luxury brands for a fraction of the price at this chic consignment store. But it's not just about brands; it's about style. This boutique sources only the chicest, wearable pieces from past collections.

Photo Courtesy: wanderingwashingtonians

This neat little home goods/gift/kitchen store provides its loyal clients with everything they never knew they'd need. Besides all the whimsical offerings like animal shaped everything, there's also plenty of really useful - and pretty - stuff too.

Photo Courtesy: misspixiesdc

Miss Pixie’s is the place to decorate your home with pieces that are anything but ordinary. The bright pink store is full of reasonably priced vintage furniture, ceramics, trinkets and clothing. New items arrive Wednesdays and products move quickly.

Photo Courtesy: bellacarava

If you own a different moisturizer for every weekday and the thought of drugstore brands makes you break out, this is your temple. This lovely shop has been around for years and is full to the brim with hard to find brands for face, body, and hair.

Photo Courtesy: phillyinsider

No, Hu's Shoes isn't a store reminiscent of a wacky Dr. Seuss rhyme but the stylish, high-end footwear branch of Hu's Wear, the equally upscale fashion store across the street. Find shoes and accessories from big brand names and hip indie labels.

Photo Courtesy: relish_dc

Operating for over 20 years, this warm, bi-level space continues to provide fashionistas with one-of-a-kind finds. From tweed jackets to denim boots, let the owner style you with outfits and accessories that you just won't find anywhere else.

Photo Courtesy: bonobos

No, you can't actually buy anything in this brick-and-mortar location, but who cares when the customer service is so on point? Staff are beyond attentive and showcase colorful separates from button downs to chinos that are perfect for any workday.

Photo Courtesy: acreativedc

1960's vintage fashion for men and women are celebrated at this playful and timeless shop. You can find stylish clothing and accessories which are guaranteed to give you a unique and appealing edge amongst its extensive and eclectic selection.

Photo Courtesy: oldtownpost

If you've been dreaming of the perfect walk-in closet, just visit Bishop Boutique. Whether you're a runway star or simply want just contemporary, fashion-forward clothing, this collection will satisfy all your needs. Just remember whose closet it is.

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